Delaware County Updates:

Liberty Township Commercial Permit processing transferred to Delaware County

The Liberty Township Board of Trustees approved, by Resolutions #19-0916-08 and #19-1007-05, the dissolving of the Liberty Township Certified Building Sub-Department of the City of Powell and transferring this function to the Delaware County Building Department effective October 19, 2019. Beginning on October 19, 2019, all commercial building permits will be processed by the Delaware County Building Department. Builders will notice very little difference in the process. Currently, all residential permits are processed through Delaware County, so moving the commercial process will consolidate the Liberty Township permitting process with the County. Any applications filed prior to October 19, 2019 and/or that are still in process with the City of Powell will be processed by the City of Powell. Beginning October 19, 2019, when filing with the Delaware County Building Department, all contractors will be required to also submit a copy of building plans to the Liberty Township Fire Department.